Saturday, January 20, 2007

repost - Trend Watching 2007

Link to January 2007 trend briefing TOP 5 CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2007

In my cynical mind, any site called is probably going to suck. But it *doesn't*.

The above post makes my brain melt to read it, but I think they get it.

1. Status Lifestyles
But conspicuous consumption for conspicuous consumption's sake is going
out. Now it's about experiences and diversity of life. Grabbing the
gusto in new areas kind of stuff.
2. Transparency Tyranny

Every wart in society is exposed via blogs, pictures, cell phone videos,
etc. Not only should you get used to it, but you must let this guide your
every business decision.

3. Web N+1

Nobody can agree on what the next thing will be and there won't be ONE next

4. Trysumers
A little redundant with the experience seekers in #1. With so much of the
world reviewed and sanitized, why not try new things?

5. The Global Brain
Kind of like the next incarnation of Wikipedia, but on everything and harnessed
by businesses.

There is kind of a gusto attitude that sums it all up. It's like the whole '911 pull deep into our dens' is over and we are looking for light hearted adventures both on line and off.

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