Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Ads

Link to Super Bowl Ads: 2007 - IFILM

I thought they were especially bad this year. The Coke commercials were happy, but I couldn't believe how much bad will there was in most of the commercials. Maybe because I watched them all on line in a row, but it really got to me after a while.

Some of the worst ones:

  • All the Budweiser commercials.
  • Snickers: Kiss
  • All of the Career Builder ads
  • American Heart Association - Gotta Have Heart
  • GM: Robot

I don't think every commercial needs to be happy or up lifting, but is this the best they can do? With almost unlimited resources to bring to one short commercial, they have to fall back on physical and mental abuse, homophobia and capitalize on our fear of being destitute?

OK, I did like the Robert Goulet one. It was, at least, an original theme.

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