Friday, October 12, 2007

What's become of me?

Jeeze. My last blog was titled "Maximize Ad ROI".

What the hell??? When did I lose my sense of humor??

It wasn't even:

"Clippy says: Maximize Ad ROI."

It's just a matter of energy. I haven't been putting energy into humor. I did help ship Microsoft ads, but it wasn't that which sucked my humor away.

I will fix this and hopefully not make this mistake again. But if you ever see another title that is as dry as the last one, please put a sign on my back that says "Kick me!"


Gautham Gauruv Maediratta said...

Hey Brandy,

Nice seeing you blog :)

Exchange links? :)


Mikey said...

I don't think I despise anything lately more that the miserable paperclip animation used in windows apps. I'd like to have targets printed up so I could fire guns many many times at the excessively cheerful sprite until it bleeds out in vast gushing puddles of matte crome goo. Boo yeah!

Brandy Galos said...

The reason I like clippy is because it survived some of the worst group-think I've ever seen.

I was on the Word team at the time we shipped this. I didn't work directly on this feature, but I saw how many times people went nuts trying to get it ripped out.

The poor PM was constantly under attack, not just from the team, but from upper management as well. It took the Word management a lot of courage to keep it because it wasn't just another bland thing coming out of corporate America but actually solicited emotions.

I think it's great that you hate him. Many a person on the team would happily shoot a picture of him too.

I hated him at the time, I was personally a little embarassed by him. Now it's a nastalga thing for me.